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Prices, Orders, and Gift Certificates

We are a one, occasionally two, man shop.  This limits the output of both furniture and smaller accessories.   

Once we agree to build a piece, we honor both our deadlines and price.  The waiting list varies from 18 months for larger pieces to 9 months for smaller furniture 3 months for accessories.   

The quoted prices a general guideline.  Depending upon the choice of wood, design, or construction technique, the price will vary from the figure quoted.  All furniture has a negotiated price, while accessories are a fixed price.




Furniture Prices Accessories Prices


Bridal Registration and Gift Certificates

Master's Cabinet Shop offers both bridal registration and gift certificates. 

Bridal registration:  We will set up an individual portion of our website for each couple.  It will function the same as registration at department stores.

Gift certificates:  We provide gift certificates in any amount.  Please click here for an example: 

Should an owner of one of our gift certificates wish to order something costing more than the certificate, they will be charged the difference.  Should they wish something less expensive, we will keep a credit for the difference on our books for one year.  Should there be no further orders after one year (we hope not!), then we will simply cut a check for the amount of credit and send it to the customer. 


Shipping of Small Items

Customers pay for shipping only.  There are no "extra" charges for packaging, handling, or other scams used to pad profits.  We prefer either UPS or USPS ground, but will do FedEx or premium services if required by the customer.

Shipping of Large Items

Shipping of larger items, such as major pieces of furniture, is paid by the customer.  The shipping is usually done via common carrier or a moving company and arranged in consultation with the customer.  Labor and materials involved in crating will be identified in the original bid.