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Ecclesiastical and Judaica

Design philosophy for ecclesiastical commissions

We are honored to provide, and have provided in the past, fine woodworking for any faith or religious organization.   We endeavor to keep our costs to a bare minimum.

We seek to harmonize our designs, choices of woods, and construction methods with the history and traditions of the religious group that requests our efforts

We respect the sensitivities and strictures of the organizations that employ us.  For example, we will not work on a commissioned piece on the Sabbath, as defined by the organization employing us (Saturday for Judaism, Sunday for Christianity, Friday for Islam, etc.).


Ark of the Covenant:  B'nai Israel Synagogue, Rochester, MN


This Ark of the Covenant was built for the Jewish Community of Rochester, MN.  It is approximately 9 ft. high by 5 ft. wide, and is made of solid walnut and walnut veneered plywood.  The doors are covered with fabric sculpture created by Susan Fisher.  This Ark has been in service for more than 25 years without incident or even minor issue.

The Ark, which weighs about 250 lbs. is suspended from the wall.  Specially welded 4" tubular steel brackets are mounted to the wall, and mate with steel brackets built into the upper and lower sections of the Ark, above and below the Torahs.  The engineering of the brackets was, by far, the most difficult part of the piece.  The brackets are not visible to the congregation at any angle.


Tree of Life Memorial Plaque:  B'nai Israel, Rochester, MN

This memorial plaque is made from solid walnut and the stylized tree is hand carved from oak.  It is 5 ft. wide  by 3 ft. high.


Judaica and Other Religious Articles


Walnut goblet 9"           Wenge sabbath serving tray 15"         Wenge goblet  5"


Passover Seder plate 16"                             Walnut sabbath serving tray 22" x 14"

The items above are made from a variety of beautiful woods, both light and dark.  The inscriptions are from the Torah and are carved in, followed by gold ink (black ink on light colored woods).  We have also done similar work for other faiths, such as a communion chalice commissioned by the family of a young man preparing for the priesthood upon his graduation from seminary.

We are capable of doing inscriptions in Hebrew (Aramaic), Latin, and Greek.  We will gladly work in cooperation with calligraphers, especially if the inscriptions are in an Eastern language, such as Sanskrit or Chinese.  The Seder plate above was done with the collaboration of Peggy Davis.


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