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Furniture:  Dining and Other Large Tables

Dining room table:  Bolivian Rosewood and S. American Walnut 

Length (w.o. leaves) 5 1/2', width 42", height 30"  with 2, 16" leaves.




Design principles for large tables and dining room sets

Fine wood furniture reflects the lifestyle of your home.  Whether you have formal, classical, casual elegance, or contemporary; our job is to create and design furniture that will fit perfectly into your decor.

Our finely designed furniture will be your heirlooms for the future.

To ensure the longevity and beauty of your furniture, we take into account things, such as humidity changes and damage, that could diminish its appreciation.  

The beauty of the wood must enhance the overall decor of your home - we avoid the flashy, garish, or colors that fade

     YES                                       NO                                   YES                                   NO*


*This beautiful red wood, padouk, turns brown with age.  Still pretty, but not what was expected.


Cutting/food preparation table:  White oak top with solid maple legs

Length 26", width:  22", height 28"

The top is 1 1/4" white oak and the legs are solid maple 4x4.  The knives are held into slots cut into the legs by hardwood bands.  


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