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Accessories Prices

 Furniture Accessories:  Lamps   Mirrors  Coat racks  Shelves  Clocks

  Turnery:  Bowls   Plates/Trays   Candleholders   Vases  Goblets  

Kitchen ware:  Serving Trays  Knife holders  Cutting boards     


Ordering information:

Many of our accessories rely upon unique pieces of wood, so we cannot make the "same" piece that you see on the website.    Also, some items shown were made from woods that have either become astonishingely expensive, from endangered species, or both.  Our advice is to browse the wood gallery to get an idea of the different woods we use, their properties, and availability.  Once you have an idea of what type of wood you'd like for your accessory, simply contact us at



Furniture Accessories:  We use only very highly figured domestic and imported woods




  Small table

  Med/large table



Coat Racks

  Small wall

  Large wall




  Small wall

  Large wall

     w. match. shelf









































18" high

30" high

5' min. ht.





72" min.



14-16" ht.

30" ht. x 22" w.

  22" wide





16-30" wide

36" minimum




12-15" w., h.



Details and Materials 



All lamps are constructed so the wires are encased in metal shafts.

Customer supplies the lamp shade, unless a globe design is requested.


3-4 pegs  free form or rectangular

6-8 pegs  w. free form shape

Multiple styles available, from early American to sculptured


Designs encompass rectangular, circular, curved sides, and freeform.  

For large mirrors, the wood and design need to be matched.

All standing mirrors are custom designed


Shelves are made from an extremely beautifully figured piece of wood and are wall mounted with custom designed brackets (a mantlepiece w.o. a fireplace).


Small clocks are made in a variety of shapes, usually with a contrasting wood to indicate the hours.  They use a battery operated mechansim.  








Collector Bowls





Decorative Plates




  Cut flower vases


Bud vases











$250 and up


$175 and up

$100 and up

$85 - $150


$50 - $100
per pair

$90 -$120


$70 each
$250, set of 4




14" min. dia.

4" min depth

9"-12" diam.

2"-3" deep
6" min. diam.

12" min dia.


9" min. diam.

6" min. diam.

9-12" diam

15" min. diam.
1-2" thick

6" - 12" high
2" - 3" diam.

8-12" high 2 1/2 to 4"  dia. 


8 - 11" x 1.5"
5 - 7" x 1"


8 - 10" high
2 1/2 - 3" tall

Details and Materials 



Bowls are of nicely grained domestic woods, such as walnut, cherry, elm, etc.

Made imported (ex. rosewood) or  nicely figured domestic woods (ex. curly maple).
These come from either an extremely lovely, but small (~6-7" diameter), piece of wood, or unusual design (such as a lidded bowl. )      

These are showpieces, not for serving fruit, salad, or cookies.   May include a separate base or lid

Made from either a rare wood (ex. ebony) or a stunningly grained piece.

Made from exotic woods and combine a design element such as a base or lid.

Made from exotically figured boards, or attractive, but less flambouyant boards with nicely turned bases

The turning blank is made from 2 - 4 pieces of higly figured, grain matched wood.  We occasionally turn large trays from single planks of wood

Candleholders use our most highly figured material.  All candleholders use a brass insert to protect the wood from hot wax.

Made from highly figured woods ranging and can hold water* (see note)  

These are turned from smaller highly figured pieces of wood.  These pieces have a 1/4" hole drilled down the center to allow a small number of dried flowers to be inserted.

These are the most labor intensive and interesting turned pieces we do.  We only use the most beautifully figured and/or highly colored woods for goblets** (see note).


Kitchen ware



Serving trays

  Standard style***


  Torji style

Knife holders








$120 - 180



20-24"L x 

14-16" W

x 2" thick

22 - 30" x

15 - 20" x 2"

Details and Materials 


We use various contrasting woods to create a pleasing combination.  The sizes range from  and are raised up off the table top by wooden legs or bars.

The Torji board, named after the Japanese gateway, is our signature design for serving trays.  Made from only the most precious of woods

We invented the free standing knife holder.  All existing ones are knock-offs of our original design.



*Cut flower vases:  We bore a 1" hole in the base of the turning blank and insert a sealed copper tube; which is connected and sealed to a 1/2" tube inserted in a hole drilled in the top.  After ensuring a watertight seal, the blank is then turned to the final vase shape and finished.

**Goblets:  No plain maple, cherry, etc. are used, only figured woods.   Once the goblet is turned and sanded, it must be sealed with a food safe epoxy finish, resanded, and final polished--a time intensive process.

***Standard style serving trays:  These are made from very hard tropical woods and can be cut upon.  However, no wood is harder than steel, so scratches will build up.  All boards can be resurfaced to a like-new finish.


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