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Furniture:  Showcases, chests, stereo cabinets

Walnut Stereo cabinet:  Width 5 ft, height 30", depth 22"


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Blanket Chest:  Eastern Red Cedar and Vermillion

Both chests are ~ 4 ft wide, 20-22" high (not counting a 3" base), and 20-22" deep.  These chests represent a design evolution.  

Old (basic) cedar chest  (1979):   Simple dovetailed box with a solid lid, and a floating bottom



   New cedar chest  (2006):  Additional elements added to enhance beauty and ensure extreme longevity



 Details on our improved cedar chest:

China/display cabinets: Height 30", width 16", depth 6",

  Arariba (Canarywood)  




Design Philosophy

Small display cabinets offer the furniture maker a wonderful opportunity to express the purity of his/her craft.  

These cabinets can be delicate, whimsical, or anything else--they pieces won't be eaten at, sat on, or required to hold anything but small objects.  Such pieces encourage exquisite joinery and the use of wood with unique figure and beauty.  

Each display case we build will be a unique piece(s) of wood and design.  More than any other type of furniture, display cases are crafted specifically to the personality and needs of the customer.  

We have fun building such pieces and hope you will consider commissioning one.


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