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Home Accessories Gallery

Mirrors and lamps: 

The mirrors range in height from 14 to 30" and can be ordered with a matching shelf.  

Lamps range from the small night table lamp to large floor lamps and are wired in UL approved fashion.


 26" rosewood 'Torji' style         30" cordia mirror & shelf      14" walnut desk lamp         54" zebrawood floor lamp

Coat racks: 

Coat racks are crafted from unique pieces of wood with suitable grain and curvature.  The pegs are hand-turned from the same, or a contrasting, wood.


32" coco-bolo (rosewood) coat rack                                            36" zebrawood coatrack

Serving trays: 

We produce both serving trays and cutting boards (which also make attractive serving trays).  The woods are mixed and matched to create exotic and interesting combinations and finished with linseed oil.

Serving trays


   16"x16" zebrawood w. rosewood         16"x16" arariba w. rosewood frame   22" x 14" indian rosewood and limba

Cutting boards


             20"x14" zebrawood and walnut                  20"x13" walnut and pecan                20"x13" honey locust and padouk    

Miscellaneous items: 

We do not make any of the items below quantity, but will, from time to time, do a limited run.  .


           Mesquite: 22" x 15"                      14"  Birds-eye maple and rosewood             16" x 13" zebrawood and wenge


               14" knife holder                 14" x 4" sculpted maple candleholder 


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