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Accessories Gallery-Turnery


We use an impervious, food-safe, epoxy finish--red wine will not discolor even our lightest wood goblets.  


       9" curly ash                    9" curly maple           9" osage orange           5" wenge cup


Range from highly delicate collector's items to very large robust salad bowls.  


 5" and 7" bowls of ebony heart and sapwood      6" imbuya bowl w. lid    9" figured butternut 


 8" x 2" cocobolo bowl       9" x 3" spalted maple bowl      8" x 4" spalted maple bowl


      16" x 6" eastern red cedar bowl                           14" x 5" butternut bowl

Vases and candleholders:

Candleholders all have brass insets to prevent fire damage.  Most vases are for dry flower arrangements, but some larger vases (like the osage orange vase below) are constructed with copper interiors to allow for cut flowers.


  10" curly ash vases           9" lignum vitae bud vase      8" osage orange cut flower vase

Plates and serving trays:

Like bowls, these flat plates range from collector's items to practical use.  The smaller plates are from single boards of highly figured wood, while the larger diameter trays (14" and greater) are usually from multiple glued up boards.  Sometimes woods are mixed for contrast, or inlays are used.


    12" cordia                        9" coco-bolo                   15" wenge tray w. gold calligraphy


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